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~Genre: Action

~Subgenre: Fantasy

~Age: Middle-Grade (Ages 9-12)

~What’s best about it: 

      • Spookiness;
      • Friendships;
      • Good character portrayals.

~Find more about it:

This sequel to Katherine Arden’s SMALL SPACES is just as good as the original. Ollie, Brian, and Coco, still plagued by nightmares from their last horrifying adventure, embark on a fun ski weekend with Ollie’s father and Coco’s mother. Things quickly go wrong. A huge snowstorm keeps all but one of the other guests away from the lodge, shuts down all hope of escape, and turns off the power. Then the generator mysteriously stops working, fires won’t light, and the rumors of ghosts at the inn seem to be true. Is the trio resourceful and loyal enough to escape the fate of the orphans who once lived in the old building?

This time the story is told from Coco’s perspective, giving us her point of view as a small, underrated, clumsy girl who isn’t really sure she’s been accepted by her new friends.

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