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~Genre: Mystery

~Subgenre: Cozy

~Age: Adult

~What’s best about it:

      • Relationships between family and friends;
      • A hopeful resolution.

~Find out more about it:

It seemed to be the ideal way to spend a summer. Professional organizer Maggie McDonald agrees to organize a condominium complex’s office in return for free lodging for herself and her family next to the Monterey Bay Marine Sanctuary. But the working vacation turns tragic when a young ultra-light pilot crashes on the nearby cliffs. And then Maggie’s two sons are accused of botching his rescue… or worse.

This is a great mystery for those who love nature and the shore. The characters, even the guilty parties, are three-dimensional with believable motives. Maggie’s fiercely protective maternal instincts push her to do her own investigating, but she’s wise enough to know when and whom to call as reinforcements. In many ways, this is an ensemble book, and the close relationships and hopeful resolution left me feeling good about the human race.


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