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~Genre: Fantasy and Magic

~Subgenre:  Environment

~Age: 8-12

~What’s best about it:

        • Mystery, Nature, Magic;
        • Friendship;
        • Science;
        • Hope.

Find out more about it:

When Addie’s twin brother drowns in Maple Lake, Addie and her parents spend months lost in grief. Then Addie is offered the chance to become a Young Scientist for the summer, helping to track down the source of the pollution that’s threatening the lake. She sees it as a chance to learn more about the limnology she loves and to find the magical creature her brother believed lived in the water’s depths. But her parents are afraid of losing her, too. Addie’s struggle to honor her brother’s memory in her own way risks alienating her family and her best friend. But it may win her a new friend, her own identity, and a path into the future. This is a hopeful, moving story with nature, friendship, science, and a touch of magic.

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