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~Genre: Mystery

~Subgenre: Cozy

~Age: Adult

~What’s best about it:

      • It’s hilarious;
      • Well-drawn, eccentric characters;
      • Meg’s enormous extended family;
      • Accurate information about owls.

~Find more about it:

Even super-organized Meg can’t control the weather, which is why the scientific conference she is helping her grandfather host has been snowed in by a blizzard. The good news? The luxury hotel has plenty of gourmet food and its own generator, and Meg’s family is with her. The bad news? Ornithologists get ornery when they can’t go birding; a feud on how best to stop barred owls from displacing the endangered spotted owl is brewing; and one of the owl experts dies under suspicious circumstances.

This is an hilarious whodunnit, in the best tradition of mysteries in which the detective is stranded with a killer and a limited number of eccentric, well-drawn suspects.

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