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Out with the old

Sunset resized

My family and a group of close friends have rung in the New Year together ever since our children were young. Even when our offspring grew old enough to find their own parties and to exchange their sparkling grape juice for champagne, our generation still gathered to celebrate and to call out “Happy New Year” to each kid who phoned in shortly after the stroke of twelve. But this year will be different. Midnight no longer surprises us in the middle of board games or earnest conversations. Instead, we wait impatiently for it to arrive, yawning and trying not to sneak glances at our watches. And then I wake up late with a headache and bleary eyes. Others have similar complaints.

So the gang has voted to start this new decade with a new tradition: brunch on New Year’s Day. What better way to welcome our companion for the next 365 days than with good friends, good food—and the energy and enthusiasm to discuss our plans and dreams?

So for all of you who will celebrate traditionally with a raised glass of champagne in the middle of the night, I admire your fortitude. And I’ll take the morning shift, long after you’ve drifted off to sleep, and salute the new year with a raised mimosa.

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