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Two Bites Too Many

~Author: Debra H. Goldstein

~Genre: Mystery

~Subgenre: Cozy

~Age: Adult

~What’s best about it:

  • Well-drawn characters, from the curmudgeon next door to the buttoned-down lawyer;
  • Potential love interests, but the heroine is in no rush to choose one;
  • The humor of a heroine who can’t cook but is surrounded by foodies.

~Find out more about it:

Sarah is just starting to get her life together after a divorce and a murder investigation. But her efforts to figure out her future are derailed when her twin’s restaurant is threatened by a loan refusal and the bank officer who denied it is killed. Sarah suddenly has her hands full trying to keep family members out of jail, help her twin save her restaurant without alienating her boyfriend, and run a town-wide charity event. With all that going on, who has time to get to spend with the eligible men who keep popping up?


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