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Tilling the Truth 2-21-20

~Author: Julia Henry

~Genre: Mystery

~Subgenre: Cozy

~Age: Adult

~What’s best about it:

  • A Vespa-riding retiree as the heroine;
  • Stealth gardeners;
  • A circle of friends that includes men as well as women;
  • The main character’s strengths and foibles are revealed throughout the book;
  • It’s set in a Massachusetts seaside town;
  • Believable reason for stepping into danger;
  • Potential love interest.

~Find out more about it:

Serving as executor for her recently deceased friend is more demanding than the full-time job Lilly Jayne has retired from. Angry relatives resent the money he’s left for upkeep of his bird sanctuary. Someone is sabotaging the sale of his house. And then Lilly’s best friend is implicated in the murder of the curmudgeon who lives next to the estate. It will take more than Lilly’s gardening skills to turn this neighborhood back into a desirable section of town. It’s time for Lilly and her circle of friends to use their sleuthing abilities to root out the real killer.


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