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DAISIES FOR INNOCENCE by Bailey Cattrell: review

A Kindle copy of DAISIES FOR INNOCENCE by Bailey Cattrell is surrounded by small white asters.

General Information

Title:  Daisies for Innocence

Author:  Bailey Cattrell

Genre:  Paranormal cozy mystery

Age:  Adult

What’s best about it:

      • The world of aromatherapy
      • Elliana’s garden
      • Elliana’s ability to connect her clients with the right healing scents
      • A hint of magic
      • Part of a series: Enchanted Garden Mysteries

Find out more about it:

Book Review

After a messy divorce, Elliana has settled into a lifestyle she loves. She lives in a tiny house, operates a perfume/aromatherapy shop, and sells fragrant oils from plants she grows in her fantastical garden. But her new life is threatened when her employee is found murdered. And the prime suspect is…? Yes, our heroine. You see, the victim was dating Ellie’s ex-husband, which implicates her. Afraid of being arrested for a crime she didn’t commit, Ellie teams with her best friend and an old crush to track down the real killer.

Ellie is not a witch, but, like Zoe Faust in THE ACCIDENTAL ALCHEMIST, she has a unique, mystical talent.  And that skill was instrumental in helping her solve the mystery.  I enjoyed that her sleuthing was successful because the grateful clients she’d healed with her aromatherapy skills helped her in return. I also liked that the author leaves it up to the reader to decide whether there was magic involved. (I’ll never tell what my verdict is.)

The characters are as detailed as the setting and Ellie’s abilities. How can you not adore a loyal sidekick who bakes cookies? And then there’s the love interest who says he’s only in town for a short time.

If herbs, gardening, a hint of romance, and the possibility of the supernatural intrigue you, this is the book for you!

Note: The flowers in the photograph are not really daisies. They’re asters in a supporting role.

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