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A book titled THE LAST LAST-DAY-OF-SUMMER set against an image of a sunset.

General Information

Title: The Last Last-Day-of-Summer

Author: Lamar Giles

Genre: Magical adventure

Subgenre: Humor

Age: 10-12 years old

What’s best about it:

      • Hilarious!
      • Funny, believable relationship between the two main characters
      • Insane plot. Whenever I thought I knew what would happen next, the plot took another twist.
      • Logan County is so strange that it’s a character in itself.

Find out more about it:

Book Review

Anything can happen in Logan County. So when a stranger freezes time (and most of the townspeople) on the last day of summer, cousins Otto and Sheed are ready to jump into action. Already legendary for their previous exploits, they need every bit of their renowned deductive power, teamwork, and practiced maneuvers to unfreeze the city, capture the bad guy, figure out who the new superhero in town is, and maybe improve a few lives, too.

This author has the wildest imagination! Each character has their own unique zaniness and talent. The townspeople form a loveable community, unable to move, but willing to dispense advice and encouragement. There’s a believable family dynamic between the two boys: they’re close, but their quirks irritate each other. And a subplot tightens Otto and Sheed’s friendship, adding heart to the book’s craziness.

If you like this novel, there’s also a sequel (The Last Mirror on the Left) that I’m looking forward to reading.

If you love funny magical adventures for ages 10-12, check out my reviews of THE GHOULS OF HOWLFAIR  and  THE MORTIFICATION OF FOVEA MUNSON.

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