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PUSHED TIMES CHEWING PEPPER novel with background of hot pepper plants.

General Information

Title: Pushed Times Chewing Pepper

Author: Myra Jolivet

Genre: Mystery

Subgenre: Psychic

Age: Adult

What’s best about it:

      • Great voice
      • Introduction to Louisiana Creole culture
      • A trio of friends, each with a different background
      • A main character who learns to believe in herself
      • A psychic main character

Find out more about it:

Book Summary

Sarah Doucette Jean-Louis is a therapist who doesn’t understand her own motivations. PUSHED TIMES CHEWING PEPPER takes us on a roller-coaster ride through her Louisiana Creole family reunion. While there, she hopes to blot out her less-than-stellar dating past by starting a new romance. Instead, she becomes enmeshed in a mystery.

Book Review

Sarah’s long-ago move to California wasn’t far enough or ancient enough to separate her from her Louisiana roots. An upcoming party there with loved ones and not-so-loved ones not only worries her, it panics her into some foolish decisions. Readers with large extended families will identify with the evolving relationships, including with the sneering cousin, the disapproving mother, and the aunt who sees Sarah as a kindred spirit.

Visions that she can’t interpret also tie her to her ancestry. Should she hide them from the modern world or embrace them as part of her heritage?

Luckily, our heroine has excellent taste in friends. Her loyal, resourceful sidekicks support her as she copes with generations of expectations, her strengthening clairvoyance, and a horrific crime.

Sarah’s voice is unique. She can be snide, but then generous. Her sly humor balances her introspection. And her character arc is believable and uplifting.

PUSHED TIMES CHEWING PEPPER is a funny story of an accomplished woman struggling to value herself and become the person she wants to be. This is the first in a series that so far has three books.  

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