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General Information

Title: Ghost Squad

Author: Claribel A. Ortega

Genre: Magical Adventure

Age: 8-12 (Middle Grade)

What’s best about it:

  • Funny
  • Great relationships between the heroine and her family, friend, and town
  • Ghosts: some silly, some spooky
  • A great best friend

Find out more about it: Claribel Ortega’s website

Book Summary

Lucely can see the ghosts of her dead relatives, even though they appear to everyone else as fireflies. So when some become ill and weak, Lucely is the one person who can save them. She and her best friend try magic, but when they use the wrong spell, they unleash a horde of evil spirits on her hometown. Suddenly things are much, much worse than she ever thought possible.

Book Review

This fast-paced novel introduces Lucely’s unusual family on the very first page. Who could stop reading after that? The eccentric ghosts care about each other and Lucely, and she accepts them all as a natural part of her life, making the overall tone warm and funny. Still, if you like eerie, there are cemetery scenes that will thrill you.

GHOST SQUAD has an action-packed plot, funny characters, silly dialogue—and delightful relationships. Besides her extended family, Lucely’s love for her father, her longing for her mother, and her friendship with Syd form a rich background for the action. The town’s magical history further enriches the story.

Come for GHOST SQUAD’s humor and intricate plot—but stay for its friends and families.

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