About Me

The Official Biography

Mary Mofit Small is a retired naturalist who writes magic with a wink. Mary lives with her husband in north-central Massachusetts in the home where they raised their now-adult daughter. They currently have no pets—unless you count the wildlife that study the household as intently as Mary once studied them.

A male Northern cardinal in a bird feeder, zoomed in so that only the head 
and part of the back is visible, stares intently at the camera.
A cardinal checking us out.
Headshot of Mary Mofit Small with tree leaves behind her.
Mary Mofit Small

The Fun Biography

I fell in love with science in Grade 5. I confess that was because the teacher was enthusiastic and kept animals in the classroom, but the older I grew, the more I liked it. Science was the perfect way to solve mysteries without getting conked on the head as often as Nancy Drew. And the wonders it unveiled, from electrons buzzing around a nucleus to black holes that swallowed everything nearby, seemed like magic.

After studying wildlife biology and management in college, I embarked on an erratic, but magical, career, doing everything from delivering live fish to a fledgling fishpond via motorcycle to climbing onto rooftops to measure energy released by antennas. Finally, I came full circle: I taught science in middle school, enthusiastically.

Now that I’ve retired from teaching, I write magic – with a wink. Why a wink? The books are light-hearted, and, like every good wink, they send a message hidden inside the fun. Enjoy finding it!