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  • Noisy Landscaping vs. Meditative Gardening

    Noisy Landscaping vs. Meditative Gardening

    The Fence We once owned a miniature schnauzer who KNEW that chasing the neighbors into their house and critters into the woods was in her job description. Although the couple next door thought she was hilarious, we fenced part of our land to keep Pixie from meeting a coyote twice her size while following a […]

  • Desperately Seeking Signs of Spring

    Desperately Seeking Signs of Spring

    The Heartbreak Month In Massachusetts, March is the month of heartbreak. February gets the bad rap, but we can shrug off the groundhog and its promise of an early spring with the sneer they deserve. March is different, though. When the calendar and nature both insist that spring has come—dang, they’re convincing. New Englanders know […]

  • When Your Houseplants Answer You

    When Your Houseplants Answer You

    You know you’re in a pandemic when you talk to your houseplants. You know things have taken an ugly turn when they respond.

  • December Snow Meditation

    December Snow Meditation

    Every US state has its own quaint customs. In Massachusetts, the residents complain about the weather, especially the snow. Constantly. Why? According to a legend I just invented, the Mayflower Compact commanded every ship passenger, each of their descendants, and all future inhabitants of the Commonwealth to gripe about the temperature and precipitation at least […]

  • Mouse Wars: When Rodents Invade the House

    Mouse Wars: When Rodents Invade the House

    The Mouse Wars usually start in September, but this year, they spoiled the end of August for me. I once looked forward to fall. Apple picking. Perfect temperatures. The smell of fireplace smoke. The mosquito-free hikes. Brilliant foliage. Now I dread the season because that’s when the Mouse Wars—the battle between the wood mice trying […]

  • Are Birds Curious About Us?

    Are Birds Curious About Us?

    Are birds as curious about us as we are about them? Because they fascinate us. The United States Fish and Wildlife Service estimates that about 1/5 of the US population in 2011 watched birds, spending a combined $40 billion on their hobby. That’s a lot of birdseed and binoculars! But do our feathered friends return […]

  • Fall Flowers for Hummingbirds: Readers’ Suggestions

    Fall Flowers for Hummingbirds: Readers’ Suggestions

    Last week, I wrote about planting fall flowers for hummingbirds, and I promised to post any suggestions I received. Fun fact: plants that thrive in much of the United States will not grow in Massachusetts because it’s too cold. If you detect a touch of envy in my tone, you’re wrong. It’s sheer, blatant jealousy, […]

  • Flowers for Picky Hummingbirds

    Flowers for Picky Hummingbirds

    Why We Don’t Own a Hummingbird Feeder The growing season is over, and it’s time to pore through seed catalogs to decide what to grow in the garden next spring. But this year, the birds are demanding a say. A hummingbird appeared in front of our kitchen window in September, hovering and looking seriously annoyed. […]

  • Angry Animals: Are They an Omen?

    Angry Animals: Are They an Omen?

    Is it my imagination… or is nature miffed with us lately? Even the wildlife is angry. The Evidence… The two moles tussling with each other, above ground, in the daylight of an early spring afternoon was the first sign of trouble. Was this a portent of the pandemic that would upend the human world? Or […]

  • Wildflowers: Early May

    Wildflowers: Early May

    Last week was a lovely slice of May, filled with beautiful days, birdsong, and wildflowers. (And yes, I’m exempting Mother Nature’s snowy snit over the weekend. The flakes melted as they landed, and our electricity came back on after only an hour or so—I’m willing to overlook it.) Today, I share the photos I took […]