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  • When Muses Come Home

    When Muses Come Home

    Humor: What happens when your muse returns–but makes demands?

  • Finding My Muse

    Finding My Muse

    My muse is missing. For weeks, she hasn’t appeared when I sit at the keyboard, and she’s not in the house or yard. Filing a Missing Persons Report with the local police department isn’t possible because… well… she’s not a person.

  • Can Poetry Cure Reviser’s Block?

    Can Poetry Cure Reviser’s Block?

    I don’t write polished prose. My first drafts are silly, the characters are as interesting as cardboard cutouts, and the jokes don’t land. Still, my imaginings are on paper, and I can fix the mistakes during the editing process. The problem? This can take months of rewrites, followed by months of revisions. And now a […]

  • The Organized Inbox: An Impossible Dream

    The Organized Inbox: An Impossible Dream

    Disney released THE LION KING movie when my daughter was young, so its music will always live in my memory, wedged between the theme song from GILLIGAN’S ISLAND and 100 BOTTLES OF BEER ON THE WALL. It still has the power to surprise me, though. Its opening struck me last week with the realization that […]

  • Memories of Philippine Hospitality

    Memories of Philippine Hospitality

    I was 21 when U.S. Peace Corps told me to pack my bags because I was now a full-fledged volunteer. After weeks of training, I was moving to a small Philippine town for the next two years. But… but… but… I wasn’t ready! I spoke only a dozen words of Filipino, the national language. I […]

  • A Non-Psychic’s Guide to Writing Ghost Stories

    A Non-Psychic’s Guide to Writing Ghost Stories

    Lost Without a Compass After a critique partner trashed the setup in my first-ever novel, I followed the advice of everyone, everywhere, and wrote what I knew for my next. I stuffed this one with familiar characters, situations, and settings: a funny hero, a naturalist grandfather, and a small town in Massachusetts. All was going […]

  • The Creative Daydreamer

    The Creative Daydreamer

    I always get a kick out of subscribing to emails that tell me how to boost my creativity. When I was younger, I never thought I had any. In art class, I drew the eyes where the forehead should be. Half-completed craft projects litter our house, adding nothing to the decor. I started them years […]

  • The United States Has a New President!

    The United States Has a New President!

    ” this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom – and … government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall  [did] not perish from the Earth.” ~A. Lincoln (modified)     Congratulations to President Joseph Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, and the United States!

  • Ergonomic Chairs for the Small!

    Ergonomic Chairs for the Small!

    I never expected that the hardest part of writing would be sitting. It’s not that plotting is easy; it isn’t. Characterization? I spend hours tweaking voices and mannerisms to get that charming conniver to come alive on the page. I agonize over scenery descriptions. Yet, after a writing session, my back, legs, and joints ache, […]

  • Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas!

    I’ll be back with my regularly scheduled programming in 2021. Until then… To those who celebrate this upcoming holiday, I wish you a merry Christmas. To those who don’t observe it, I wish you the best of days. To those who are alone, grief-stricken, ill, or otherwise ravaged by 2020—may Christmas bring you new hope, […]