You’ve found my author website and blog.

What kind of books do I write?

Magical adventures for kids aged 10 to 13 and paranormal mysteries for adults.

What does “magic with a wink” mean?

My writing is playful and silly, like the wink you toss to a friend over your shoulder. The character might have a snarky sense of humor, the plot could be a little crazy, or the magic is ridiculous. It could be all three.

Also, like every good wink, my novels send a message hidden inside the fun. Enjoy finding it!

What books have I written?

My upcoming book is a magical adventure for kids aged 10 to 13. This is my first journey into indie publishing, so I can’t even guess when I’ll be ready to release it. But I’ll be posting regular updates about SAMUEL ASH AND THE GRASSHOPPPERS OF DOOM.

What can you do while waiting for my first book?

What is in my blog?

Whatever my muse felt like writing that day. Nature (some serious, some not), the paranormal, life as a writer, book reviews… Stop by and see if you like my brand of humor.

I’m glad you stopped by!

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