Samuel Ash and the Grasshoppers of Doom

A praying mantis impersonates a Grasshopper of Doom; Copyright 2019 S. Kmiotek. All rights reserved

All living things bring a bit of magic to the world.

Some just add more than others.

The Plot

Fire-breathing grasshoppers.

Murderous unicorns.

When strange beasts haunt his grandparents’ backyard, thirteen-year-old Sam thinks he’s found the adventure he’s always wanted.

But… there’s a catch.

He can’t tell his best friends about it, the friends he’s followed into trouble again and again, the friends he always shares secrets with. If he does, he’ll destroy the world as we know it.



He’ll have to think about this.

The Characters

Sam narrates the story with a slightly snarky point of view.

at his grandparents’ house:

Rose, the girl who lives next door to his grandparents, is the smart, brave, outspoken young woman I wish I was at her age.

Sam’s grandfather is the wise adult who loves and accepts Sam as he is.

Sam’s grandmother is a great cook who loves Sam, but she suffers from chronic headaches, which make her cranky.

Meanwhile, at home:

Aimel is the daredevil who leads Sam and Marty, a technology whiz, into risky adventures. They’re the reason Sam is banished to his grandparents’ house for the summer.

Sam’s mother, a botanist, is conducting a research project in Europe for six weeks.

Sam’s overworked, stressed father doesn’t trust Sam.

The Status

I’ve finished the latest round of edits, and two trusted beta readers are checking to be sure that I didn’t create any accidental cliffhangers, etc. While I’m waiting for them to finish, I’m researching self-publishing options.

It will be a few months at least before Samuel Ash and the Grasshoppers of Doom is published. Check back for occasional updates.

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