Books Written by My Friends

Getting to know other authors is one of the best perks of being a writer. The books below, written by my friends, are listed by the author’s name in reverse alphabetical order. (Yes, I hate being called last just because my surname is at the end of the alphabet.) Click on the provided links to find out more about them.

Happy reading!

Ellen Weisberg and Ken Yoffe

Ellen Weisberg and Ken Yoffe's published books
Books by Ellen Weisberg and Ken Yoffe.

Ken and Ellen’s children’s and YA books cover diverse topics ranging from geography to bullying. The pair have also launched a nonprofit organization, FACEPAINT, which supports education, social awareness, and cancer awareness. To fulfill this mission, it donates books to libraries and schools and produces educational videos and films. To find out more about Ellen and Ken, their organization, and their work, look at their website.

Nancy Small

A lit candle illuminates a copy of SEIZING THE NONVIOLENT MOMENT, a book about nonviolence by Nancy Small.
The more we experience the power of nonviolence within ourselves, the more we believe in its potential to transform our troubled world. Book image ©2015 by Nancy Small; background image from a stock photo.

“The spirituality of nonviolence is rooted in a gentle love that invites clenched hearts and hands to open,” Nancy writes. “It is also rooted in a love that seeks to disarm individuals and dismantle systems of injustice.”  Seizing the nonviolent moments in our lives shapes a nonviolent heart. Many people doing this together shapes the heart of a nonviolent world. This book is a humble and accessible approach to nonviolence that draws upon scripture stories, Catholic social teaching, and contemporary examples to illustrate how we can live a spirituality of nonviolence for our times.

If you’re interested in Seizing the Nonviolent Moments, click here.

Leona Palmer

Two books (DIARY OF A GHOST and THE GHOST AMONG US) with a background of purple flower.
Leona Palmer is the author of DIARY OF A GHOST. Upon requests of students and librarians, she has written a sequel, THE GHOST AMONG US. Book images ©2015 and ©2017 by Leona Palmer; background image from a stock photo.

Eleven-year-old Dem Connor never believed in ghosts. That was until her family moved from Boston to a creepy old house in a little New Hampshire town where Dem realized that she was not the only occupant in her bedroom. The ghost of Victoria Pratt, the original occupant who died in that room, still lives there, too…

The response to Leona’s first novel, Diary of a Ghost, was so encouraging that she wrote a sequel to satisfy the students and librarians who clamored for another! Life gets complicated when Dem’s ghost friend wants to interact with her friends and be part of her activities in The Ghost Among Us.

Find out more about Leona’s heartwarming books about Dem and Victoria at Leona’s website.

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