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  • When Muses Come Home

    When Muses Come Home

    Humor: What happens when your muse returns–but makes demands?

  • Finding My Muse

    Finding My Muse

    My muse is missing. For weeks, she hasn’t appeared when I sit at the keyboard, and she’s not in the house or yard. Filing a Missing Persons Report with the local police department isn’t possible because… well… she’s not a person.

  • Can Poetry Cure Reviser’s Block?

    Can Poetry Cure Reviser’s Block?

    I don’t write polished prose. My first drafts are silly, the characters are as interesting as cardboard cutouts, and the jokes don’t land. Still, my imaginings are on paper, and I can fix the mistakes during the editing process. The problem? This can take months of rewrites, followed by months of revisions. And now a […]

  • The Science of Ghosts

    The Science of Ghosts

    This week, I’ve asked my favorite Professor of Chemical Engineering to answer some questions about the science of ghosts, specifically about their thermodynamics. If you’re a science nerd, you’re in luck! He’s in full professorial mode here. But if you still get hives when thinking about middle school science, don’t panic! I’ll translate as we […]

  • Massachusetts Legends

    Massachusetts Legends

    Massachusetts has its share of legends: The Salem witch trials; Lizzie Borden and her infamous ax; The captain of the Mary Celeste; and Charlie on the MTA. But what about legendary creatures? I don’t mean animals that are merely strange, like the moving pincushion that whistles like a porpoise and chews canoe paddles to indulge […]

  • Poltergeists and Ghosts: The Difference Is?

    Poltergeists and Ghosts: The Difference Is?

    Get it done now! That’s my latest mantra as I edit my children’s novel (aka SAMUEL ASH AND THE GRASSHOPPERS OF DOOM). The process is taking months. How do I make it end? These desperate times called for new rules: I I will no longer permit myself to dive into rabbit holes UNLESS they relate […]

  • Noisy Landscaping vs. Meditative Gardening

    Noisy Landscaping vs. Meditative Gardening

    The Fence We once owned a miniature schnauzer who KNEW that chasing the neighbors into their house and critters into the woods was in her job description. Although the couple next door thought she was hilarious, we fenced part of our land to keep Pixie from meeting a coyote twice her size while following a […]

  • The Organized Inbox: An Impossible Dream

    The Organized Inbox: An Impossible Dream

    Disney released THE LION KING movie when my daughter was young, so its music will always live in my memory, wedged between the theme song from GILLIGAN’S ISLAND and 100 BOTTLES OF BEER ON THE WALL. It still has the power to surprise me, though. Its opening struck me last week with the realization that […]

  • Memories of Philippine Hospitality

    Memories of Philippine Hospitality

    I was 21 when U.S. Peace Corps told me to pack my bags because I was now a full-fledged volunteer. After weeks of training, I was moving to a small Philippine town for the next two years. But… but… but… I wasn’t ready! I spoke only a dozen words of Filipino, the national language. I […]

  • Desperately Seeking Signs of Spring

    Desperately Seeking Signs of Spring

    The Heartbreak Month In Massachusetts, March is the month of heartbreak. February gets the bad rap, but we can shrug off the groundhog and its promise of an early spring with the sneer they deserve. March is different, though. When the calendar and nature both insist that spring has come—dang, they’re convincing. New Englanders know […]