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  • Desperately Seeking Signs of Spring

    Desperately Seeking Signs of Spring

    The Heartbreak Month In Massachusetts, March is the month of heartbreak. February gets the bad rap, but we can shrug off the groundhog and its promise of an early spring with the sneer they deserve. March is different, though. When the calendar and nature both insist that spring has come—dang, they’re convincing. New Englanders know […]

  • When Your Houseplants Answer You

    When Your Houseplants Answer You

    You know you’re in a pandemic when you talk to your houseplants. You know things have taken an ugly turn when they respond.

  • Mouse Wars: When Rodents Invade the House

    Mouse Wars: When Rodents Invade the House

    The Mouse Wars usually start in September, but this year, they spoiled the end of August for me. I once looked forward to fall. Apple picking. Perfect temperatures. The smell of fireplace smoke. The mosquito-free hikes. Brilliant foliage. Now I dread the season because that’s when the Mouse Wars—the battle between the wood mice trying […]

  • SHUNTOLL ROAD Book Review

    SHUNTOLL ROAD Book Review

    General Information Title: Shuntoll Road Author: Leslie Wheeler Genre: Mystery Subgenre: Amateur sleuth Age: Adult What’s best about it: The relationships among the residents of New Nottingham. All parts of the story have multiple layers.  Neither the pro-development nor the anti-development factions are portrayed as flawless heroes.  The story behind the title. The romance.  The plot […]