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  • The Science of Ghosts

    The Science of Ghosts

    This week, I’ve asked my favorite Professor of Chemical Engineering to answer some questions about the science of ghosts, specifically about their thermodynamics. If you’re a science nerd, you’re in luck! He’s in full professorial mode here. But if you still get hives when thinking about middle school science, don’t panic! I’ll translate as we […]

  • Massachusetts Legends

    Massachusetts Legends

    Massachusetts has its share of legends: The Salem witch trials; Lizzie Borden and her infamous ax; The captain of the Mary Celeste; and Charlie on the MTA. But what about legendary creatures? I don’t mean animals that are merely strange, like the moving pincushion that whistles like a porpoise and chews canoe paddles to indulge […]

  • Poltergeists and Ghosts: The Difference Is?

    Poltergeists and Ghosts: The Difference Is?

    Get it done now! That’s my latest mantra as I edit my children’s novel (aka SAMUEL ASH AND THE GRASSHOPPERS OF DOOM). The process is taking months. How do I make it end? These desperate times called for new rules: I I will no longer permit myself to dive into rabbit holes UNLESS they relate […]

  • A Non-Psychic’s Guide to Writing Ghost Stories

    A Non-Psychic’s Guide to Writing Ghost Stories

    Lost Without a Compass After a critique partner trashed the setup in my first-ever novel, I followed the advice of everyone, everywhere, and wrote what I knew for my next. I stuffed this one with familiar characters, situations, and settings: a funny hero, a naturalist grandfather, and a small town in Massachusetts. All was going […]



    General Information Title: Shadow School Archimancy Author: J.A. White Series: Book 1 in the Shadow School Series Genre: Magical adventure Age: 8-12 (Middle Grade) What’s best about it: Pithy descriptions of people and places Imaginative plot A threesome of outsiders are the heroes Cordelia’s curiosity and resourcefulness Ghosts!

  • DAISIES FOR INNOCENCE by Bailey Cattrell: review

    DAISIES FOR INNOCENCE by Bailey Cattrell: review

    General Information Title:  Daisies for Innocence Author:  Bailey Cattrell Genre:  Paranormal cozy mystery Age:  Adult What’s best about it: The world of aromatherapy Elliana’s garden Elliana’s ability to connect her clients with the right healing scents A hint of magic Part of a series: Enchanted Garden Mysteries Find out more about it:  https://www.baileycates.com/books



    ~Title: THE ACCIDENTAL ALCHEMIST ~Author: Gigi Pandian ~Genre: Mystery ~Subgenre: Paranormal ~Age: Adult ~What’s best about it: A chance to learn about alchemy; A living gargoyle; I love herbs, and so does the main character; Subtle humor; ~Find more about it: https://www.gigipandian.com/books ~Description: Zoe Faust has been drifting for a very long time. When her […]